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The Corvette Anthology 2010

A DVD-ROM encyclopedia about  America's Favorite Sports Car
ISBN: 1-928618-97-9

Only $19.95

The latest edition of the only GM officially licensed  encyclopedia about the Chevrolet Corvette is now a DVD-ROM. This photographic extravaganza of the  Corvette contains over 1800 photos, hundreds of graphics, an unbelievable 50 videos & TV commercials (including the controversial one from the 2005 SuperBowl), etc. to guide you, starting with the first six-cylinder in 1953, to the awesome new 2010 Grand Sport, ZR1 & Z06 super cars. Browse the statistics, the options, those tremendous horsepower muscle cars of the sixties. Its all here! Everything you want to know about every year. It comes with the Corvette Anthology Screen Saver 2010 and can even print a book! A must have for any Corvette owner or enthusiast! 

You WILL love it!

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Vette Magazine Review 2004

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HI-Tech Software 2014


The Main Screen


The Slide Show Screen


The Screen Saver Utility Screen


Corvette Videos & TV Commercials

Check these features!


The Corvette Anthology Screen Saver can cycle through the entire Corvette Anthology photo collection or you can choose which photos to display.


Videos Contains Corvette videos & TV commercials. Fifty of them!


Corvette Identification Guide - helps to identify the various years of the Corvette. It can be printed out and taken with you. to help you identify the various years of the Corvette.


Specialty Cars Section - features Prototypes and Race Cars, Specialty Conversions, the Corvette Ski Boat and ZR-1 photos.


Over 1800 Photographs - All Corvette photographs are large and of high resolution.


Emblems - Front, Side and Rear emblems displays assist in Corvette identification.


Clip Art - Displays Corvette clip art drawings for every model year.


Corvette Museums - Provides photos, information and descriptions about the major Corvette museums.


Slide Show - A Slide Show offering Photos, Clip Art or Emblems and Scripts for the presentation.


  The Stories
    The Options
    The List Prices
    The Colors
    The Engines
    The Statistics
    The Scripts

        and much much more!!!

An unbelievable amount of data!

Last update: 01/03/2014

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